Welcome to Isla Luna!

Welcome to the islands of Flofflings and many other undiscovered critters! Here you will find all necessary information regarding Flofflings. Consider joining our Discord linked below to participate in events and chat!

Flofflings are a closed species, meaning you cannot make your own unless you participate events or buy make-your-own slots!


Flofflings reside on multiple islands named Isla Luna. These islands stretch a couple miles between each other and are perfect to find the right home.The weather on these small islands are mostly sunny with frequent thunderstorms from changing temperatures quickly of the ocean breeze. Rain is not that common except in the southern island parts where the humidity is rather high.They choose to make their homes on land or in the water, whichever feels safer to them around the area. When on land, Floffs make their nests up in the trees or make burrows under thick vegetation. When in the sea they choose caverns that are large enough for them, but small enough that their predators cannot get in.They decorate their home with leaves, corals, shells or anything the Floff may find valuable. When the storm season hits, the Floffs residing on land move up to higher grounds in case of floods, and tend to default to caverns for a temporary home.Some Flofflings reside at the cliff side away from any predators being able to get to them. They glide their way down and have to take a long travel up the mountain again to get back to their spot.


The common Floff ranges from the size of the common house cat, to that of a fully grown large dog. Their fur is highly water resistant, making life in the water possible and open various options to build their home.A common trait in Floffs are their 3 gills on the neck for breathing underwater, on their snout are nostrils as well which serve for breathing when on land. Some Floffs have different shaped gills and there's a sub-species that shows none at all, these cannot breathe underwater like their counterpart and are stuck on land mostly.Floffs have small wings that allow them gliding, but not flight. Only legends have been heard of Floffs with wings large enough to soar the skies. They are extremely rare and reside at the top of the mountains of Isla Luna where no normal Floff can usually get to.Their paws have sharp thin claws that are retractable like a cat, they are not afraid of fighting back when cornered and pack a punch with their sharp shark-like teeth in a formation that of a feline. They have 4 larger canines while the others are smaller, they are much sharper than they look and are used to feed on fish.


Floffs are social creatures among another, they live in packs of 12-30 members. Once they grow old enough they tend to stay with their current pack as wandering off on their own would guarantee death.Floffs communicate with chirps, clicks, chitter, trill, coos, small yaps and high pitched squeaking. Underwater they use clicking similar to dolphins to communicate with each other, but rarely do so to not alert predators of their presence.When greeting one another, they gently butt heads and nuzzle, cooing like doves. Afterwards they will clean one another of any bugs or dirt that are embedded in their fur they they may not be able to reach.When happy, they ruffle their fur causing it to puff out, they love letting out an array of different clicks and chirps to express their happiness.An angered Floff is easily spotted with spiky fluffed up necks and tails, baring teeth and letting out growls. Some even rear up on their hindfeet to appear larger and more threatening. A floff in this stance is not afraid to attack if provoked.When frightened they let out an ear piercing screech to warn others nearby, puffing out their fur in attempts to make themselves appear bigger than they are similar to that of aggression, but with tail and body hanging low to the ground. If whatever frightened them starts to give chase, the Floff will run to nearby water or climb the trees to escape.On clear nights Flofflings can be seen near the beach waters darting out the water and gliding about. This is their only way to get a taste of "flying" and sometimes even compete with each other of who can dart the highest or glide the longest.Fights are rare, but when they do, they'll hit the ground with their tails and make a loud trilling chirp/bark at the other Floff to challenge. If engaged they primarily use their tails to hit each other, but they may also bite, the fight ends when one surrenders or dies. Death is rare in fights as most aren't stubborn enough to continue.


Floffs mate for life, when a partner dies, they may thrive to find a new one, however most choose to remain alone as they believe they still live on in the stars, and watch over them as a guardian angel.When a male and a female Floff meet, the female expects the most gorgeous seashell or coral to be given to her as a gift. If she accepts it, the male will then present his best water dance.She will lead him into the water at the lagoon, and expects him to lead the dance.
The males gently brush their back, feet and even tail against the female. The dance will last about 10-30 minutes until the female is satisfied. After the dance the pair will look for a suitable place to build their nest.
Floffs are egg bearers up to 3 per batch and gestate over 15 days, and once laid incubate after 12 days. The female will travel to well hidden cavern beneath water. The nests are built by the pair with seaweed, decorated with seashells, pearls and corals. Three times a day, the female or male will return to the nest and brush water over the eggs to provide air flow, as well as clean them.Eggs are laid with the colors that will be present on the Floff. Both parents care for the young up to 1 year of age before encouraging them to go on their own to join a different group of Floff, but sometimes they may decide to stay with the pack.


Flofflings are omnivores, the main portion of their diets consist of the fish they hunt, insects, fruits and coconuts. The Floff will use their tail to whack open the hard shell of the coconut. They have also learned to use this method to open seashells to find pearls and eat the rest to not waste it.On some parts of the islands there are banana trees and other fruit trees that they climb to gather for the pack. While they have retractable claws, they cannot always hold onto the branches that well, and usually end up falling down. Most recover by gliding down but others may not be able to fold out their wings in time, getting heavily injured or worse, death. For this reason only the most skilled pack member collects these fruits.


Some Flofflings have started to adapt to walk on two legs, and use their paws as hands to grab fruits, gems and whatever else they can hold onto. Most of these Floffs are seen in the outskirts of Isla Luna and live secluded from their feral parts deep in the jungles.These Floffs have learned to make tools like spears to hunt fish with, sticks to dig the ground with for their burrows and use them as structure to secure the tunnels, and even weaving vines over logs to create huts in the trees.Over the years they started to decorate themselves with shells, pearls, leaves, flowers and anything else they can find to wear, and they love creating whole outfits for themselves. Unlike the ferals, these ones prefer to be presented with pearls when wanting to mate, the larger and shinier the pearl is, the more she is interested in her future partner. Both the pairs will dance with eachother to seal their bond, which includes slowly circling eachother, brushing the tails against eachother letting out small coos. They will hold hands and gaze in eachother's eyes passionately and sing their favorite songs in chirps, coos, trilling and purring.

The Guardian

A small Floff with pure white fur, and glistening blue details can sometimes be seen around Isla Luna. This Floff goes by the name Luna, she appears as a very common Floff with the exception of having no fur colors or pattern. This mysterious Floffling is rarely seen, and those who have seen her believe she is the island's guardian since they experience good luck shortly after.Floffs have noticed that some water becomes drinkable, and vegetation rapidly grows with plentiful fruits that they enjoy. Some even overcame their sickness very swiftly and they believe it's Luna's doing.It is true that she watches over all the Floffs, but her common form is not true, and she uses it to not intimidate those that may get a glimpse of her. Her true form is larger, and much more elegant. No one has seen her true form yet, or knows about it, but they do know that she has some sort of special ability.There's a large lagoon by the name of Circled Lagoon, where the Floff will head to if injured or ill. The Floffs believe the deity guardian Luna, gathers the stars from the sky to lay into the water to bring out their healing properties. The lagoon is a bright teal color and at night has some shimmering water effect. It is warmer than the ocean. Floffs that enter this lagoon have said that their wounds and mind were put to rest and healed quickly.

Trait Guides

Here you will find all available traits to use on your Floff!
Do not add unlisted traits as this will disqualify the design from being approved.
common | uncommon | rare | mythic | legendary


Floffs can be drawn in any of the forms shown.

Heads & Ears

Wings & Fins


The side fins of the second tail can be on any tail. For example a bushy tail can have side fins as well.

Fur, mouth & horns

Floffling's fur can grow short or long in specific areas. Some may even look like they have a hairstyle by trimming and decorating it!

Gills, eyes, brows & paws


Below are all the used currencies within Isla Luna!
All currencies are earned through different means.
Currencies can currently not be traded or gifted to someone else.

1 coral = $0.10 USD
1 shell = $0.50 USD
1 pearl = $5.00 USD
Can be purchased for $0.50 per shell, or earned through prompts and events.
Won from events/contests only.
Earned through drawing Floffs, the amount varies on what is finished.
Until I figure out a better system, you will be calculating corals yourself.
Once you purchase something you will need to provide the art that was completed to redeem the corals.
Sketch: 3 corals
Clean linework: 5 corals
Colors: +2 corals
Shading: +5 corals
Scenic background: +3 corals
+2 corals per extra Floff in the image.
➔ These earnings are for fullbodies.
⤷ Waist-up images are only half the earnings, rounded up.
⤷Head only images are a quarter of the earnings, rounded up.
⤷ Example: A clean fullbody scene with shading and colors would be 15 corals, waist-up would be 8 corals, head only would be 4 corals.
➔ Scenic backgrounds must be a clear, polished image of some sort of scenery, not just a gradient with simple silhouettes/grass brush.
⤷ Abstract, solid colored, or copy pasted (edited) photographs do not count.
➔ Art that does NOT count: Draw To Adopt, Draw The Floff Above, Prompts, and Events, since you're already participating for a reward.

Terms and Rules

Please read over these carefully as they will answer all the questions you may have.
If you still have questions you can check out the FAQ linked at the top of the page for more answers!

➔ Floffs are a closed species, you cannot make your own without a MYO slot.
➔ Obtaining a Floff does not grant you permission to create another.
➔ Creating unofficial Floffs will result into getting blacklisted.
➔ Credit for the species on every post is not a must, but appreciated.
➔ Once you own a Floff you can add a name, gender, personality, backstory, etc
➔ You're allowed to sell merch with official Floffs as long as the design is created by you. If you adopt one and wish to do this you'll need to ask the artist.
➔ You may not resell your older design when you redesign one, this counts as creating another Floff.
* If you wish to do this; You will need to obtain a MYO slot to register the new design as a separate Floff from the old. The designs must be different from eachother and not look alike.
➔ MYO slots can be resold/traded for the purchased price.
➔ You can trade/sell/gift Floffs no matter how they were obtained.
➔ You're allowed to sell Floffs for whatever you see fit.
➔ Please notify the official masterlist entry if ownership changes.
The listed owner on the entry must confirm.
This can also be done through the #masterlist-updates on Discord.
➔ Adding higher traits than the slot's value will need revisions until the design matches the slot rarity.
➔ There are no restrictions to pattern or colors, with exception of offensive themes.
➔ You are allowed to have someone else design the Floff for you for purchased slots, but not during free events.
➔ You may transfer an existing design you own to your Floff, but selling both as separate characters is frowned upon.
【Design Changes】
➔ Traits can be changed to any in the same rarity tier, or lower, but not higher.
➔ Minor adjustments like small markings or color hue adjustment is allowed.
Changing major markings, colors, or higher tier traits requires potions.
All design changes must be changed on the masterlist entry to keep the Floff up to date.

Luna Alley

Welcome to the alley of mysteries and wonders!
Here you can buy things from make your own adoptions to make-overs!
Items can be purchased through #marketplace on Discord with the ticket!

【Guppy Pen】

Here you can purchase your very own guppy that you get to raise as your own however you want! (Make Your Own)➔ There is no timeframe for your MYO, it is permanently added to the masterlist.
⤷ The MYO slot will be swapped with the design once it has been approved.
➔ MYO slots can be traded or resold for the same price paid.
➔ Each tier gives you access to all the traits of that tier and lower.
★ Common: $5 / 10 shells / 50 corals / 1 pearl
★ Uncommon: $10 / 20 shells / 100 corals / 2 pearls
★ Rare: $45 / 90 shells / 450 corals / 9 pearls
★ Mythic: $75 / 150 shells / 750 corals / 15 pearls

【Calem's Cauldron】

Here you can purchase your potions of wonders and mysteries to get your Floff looking differently with traits!➔ Items do not expire and are not transferable as of yet.
➔ 1 potion = 1 trait. If you want multiple traits you will need multiple potions.
★ Common: Free, you don't need potions for this.
★ Uncommon: $1 / 2 shells / 10 corals
★ Rare: $2.50 / 5 shells / 25 corals
★ Mythic: $10 / 20 shells / 50 corals / 1 pearl
Prices are listed per potion/trait.

【Avalon's Salon】

This shop smells like fruits and other goodies, here you can pamper your Floff with a new look of colors and dye!★ Fur-spray: $2.5 / 5 shells / 25 corals
Lets you change a small portion of your Floff with markings or hue overhaul.
★ Fur-dye: $5 / 10 shells / 50 corals / 1 pearl
Lets you completely overhaul your Floff without restrictions on the pattern or hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are updated frequently as questions come by!
Please read the rules first as most things are covered there already!

【Make Your Own】

How do I obtain a Floff?
You can purchase MYO slots through the shop, or participate the occasional free MYO events! Otherwise the owner and guest artists post adoptables which can be acquired through money, art, trades and sometimes raffles for free.
Does my MYO expire?
MYO slots are permanent and added to the Masterlist like a normal Floff until they have a design. Only free MYO event slots expire when the event ends.
Can I sell/trade my slot, or get a refund?
You may sell your slot for the same price paid, or trade/gift it away. There are no refunds after purchase however.
Where do I submit my MYO design?
You submit your MYO design here!
Can I use a base for the free MYO event?
Bases will not be allowed for free MYO events since these events are meant to bring in new people and get a feel for the species by having to draw them!
I can't draw, can't I ask a friend to participate events for me?
Only for MYO slots, for free events and prompts I'm afraid not, for the same reason as above.

【Traits and Designing】

Can I change my traits?
You can swap them for the same rarity or lower, higher rarity traits require a potion per trait.
You cannot swap trait rarities with other areas, i.e; swapping a mythic tail trait with an uncommon wing trait won't grant you a mythic wing, the wing stays uncommon and requires a potion to upgrade.
Once I lower the rarity of a trait, do I lose access to the current rarity?
Once you lower your rarity on it, you will require a potion again to upgrade it in the future.
Will there be more traits in the future?
Yep! More traits are added as ideas arise that match the Floff lore.
Can Flofflings wear accessories?
Yep! Just make sure to tie it in with the lore somehow. For example a feral Floff wouldn't magically find a spacesuit laying around that fits perfectly considering they can't quite craft things. I'm generally flexible with this but if they obtain items I'd love to know how! For example a bandanna could have washed ashore that they now wear.
Can ears have tufts at the end?
Yes! Floffling's fur can grow long and short on any place and have no rarity.
Can Floffs with the kitsune eyes open their eyes?
Their eyes are permanently closed, but for that they have an enhanced sense of hearing!
Can Floffs use magic?
Only the island guardian has been heard of using magic. It has not yet been discovered among the common Floffs.
How would Floffs consent?
Floffs can consent in all stages, as ferals they consent with chirps and purrs, bipedal similar but with more intimate touching of the hands, and civilized can communicate with words.
Can Floffs have glowing markings?
Feral Floffs can use specific algae to get a blue bioluminescent color, otherwise other colors aren’t heard of, except for civilized Floffs that dye their fur from man-made dyes.

Currencies and Items

How do I earn currencies?
Please check the currencies tab above!
How does one purchase items from the shop?
Items will be available randomly on the "market" with limited supply.
For example there will be 5 rare potions available in the #marketplace channel on Discord and are sold at first come first serve. It us up to members if they wish to purchase with real money or earned currencies.
Can I trade, sell or gift my currency or items to someone else?
Currencies and items are non-transferable. The only thing that's transferable are MYO slots.
How do I redeem/buy items or currency?
Open a ticket in shops on Discord, at the bottom of the channel. Then it prompts you to a private channel where you can mention what you'd like to do!
If redeeming a trait potion make sure to include the old design vs new design so that it can be approved properly.
Where can I see what I own?
All your items are currently stored in the Floff Bank!
Do I need to draw my own Floff to earn currencies or can I draw others?
You can draw either or, or even the shop keepers/mascot of Floffs!

Events and Prompts

I can't draw, how else do I earn currencies?
Both are taken in mind for those that can't draw, so literature is also acceptable since anyone can write!
Where do I submit my prompt/event entry?
On Discord are designated channels named #event-prompts-submissions
My submission is late, is there any way to redeem it?
Unfortunately once the time is up on an event, no more submissions will be accepted. However, you can submit the art to floff-art and earn a few corals for it instead!

Floffling Forms

Can I draw my Floff bipedal or in the civilized form?
Only when they completed the prompts for them! On the masterlist you will also see the section where they unlocked this trait.
If my Floff becomes bipedal or civilized, can I no longer draw them feral?
You may still draw them feral even if you unlocked the bipedal or civlized forms for them!
What's the difference between the forms?
Feral Floffs live all over Isla Luna and are the most common, they walk on all fours.
Bipedal Floffs are on a secluded island south of Isla Luna and are able to use their front paws as hands. Bipedal Floffs have a raptor-like stance and walk on their hind feet.Civilized Floffs have moved away from Isla Luna, most stay on islands away from humans but some have started to live with them. They have a more human-like stance and developed different languages to communicate with each other. They are also more crafty with their paws since they can craft things to then trade for other items or sell.Can I draw my Floff humanoid?
For the bipedal and civilized forms you can only draw them like that when you participate the prompt and have completed them. After that you may commission art of the new form!
For human forms themselves it is a gray area because it is hard to recognize the Floff's design through a human, I'd say you can draw them as one but they won't count towards Floff artwork.

Ownership Rights

What are the Terms for adopted Floffs?
Check the description where you adopted the Floff from, since there will be guest artists each one will have different terms to follow.
Can I change my Floff to a different species?
Yes, however the masterlist must be notified so that the Floff can be voided as it no longer is a Floff. You may draw your Floff shapeshifted but it won't count towards Floff art.
Can I draw NSFW art of Floffs?
NSFW art is allowed of Floffs. The only thing is you can't share the NSFW art on the server due to some folks being underage!
Is it possible to update masterlist images afterwards?
Yes you can update the masterlist image whenever you like!
Am I allowed to make bases of Floffs?
Absolutely! As long as Xeshaire is credited as the species owner. You're allowed to the base too.